UK Malodour Sufferers Self Fund Initiative

After many years of Malodour sufferers demanding funding to make advances in research and constantly being let down by governments, 2019 may be the year we make that change into combating malodour research and making positive impacts within the medical research field. A group of 35 Uk malodour sufferers are currently contributing to a collective money pool on a monthly basis with the target being £10,000 as requested by the MRC to be able to publish the research project onto the committee. This will be a sufficient deposit to gain malodour researchers interest into starting a project, and then being awarded a medical research grant. Currently, Mebo and the UK Malodour Research group are working on setting up a research committee to be able to submit and publish a research application for when the funds are available, however If the group continues to expand in numbers as expected the target of £10,000 will be met by August 2020, which will be a fantastic achievement and the first time a malodour group has ever done anything like this before.

To anybody wanting to donate to the money pool all donations from this site go directly to the contribution fund.